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20'/40' Sidelifter

20'/40' Sidelifter

1. Sidelifter Features:

*Design Standard: AS1418

*41T (46T tested)Lifting Capacity

*Integrated with Hydraulic Powerpack

*Carrying either one 20' ,or two 20' ,or one 40' ISO standard container

*Double Stack

*4.1 m reach to container 1.6 m away   

2.About Selflifter: 

SelfLifter's are designed, manufactured and marketed from New Zealand and China. Our key staff have held senior positions 

in Sideloader companies since the mid 90's 

Performance Validation

The image shows Stability Testing.That is over 46 tonnes way out from the SL410 Selflifter and the trailer wheels are just

coming off the ground.Our philosophy is to design conservatively and test rigorously to ensure our products meet and exceed

the customers expectations.

Assembly Training

Final assembly workshop. We emphasise thorough understanding of the product and process requirements rather than trying 

to inspect for quality problems after the process has finished.

Control Development

The image shows the controller and the hydraulic control valve.during design functional proving.We design and develop our 

controls inhouse so they are specifically tailored for selfLifter operation rather than being a mix of off the shelf general purpose 

modules. They are designed for the automotive environment.

3.Selflifter Performance:  

The Massive outreach typical of Selflifters id demonstrated by the model SL40.With carefully optimised lifting arm geometry

 Selflifters can outreach.Their competitors without additional sliding components.Lifting capacity has not been compromised.













Selflifter stabiliser legs rotate right through to 90 degrees.With more and more quipment,side under run bars and fairings

appearing on trucks and trailers,more dexterity to manoenvre the sideloader's stabiliser legs is required.












The Selflifter's legs can be extended vertically then rotated out to position the foot under the truck's side.Selflifter stabliliser legds

can carry the full weight when placed on a high trailer . The leverage forces on the structure are very high when the leg is placed

up on a high trailer.Some sideloaders just can't take it.