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Zoomlion RT55XL/RT60XL

Zoomlion RT55XL/RT60XL

1.Crane Features:

Complies with ANSI B30.5

Cummins QSB6.7 TIRE-III

ANSI&CE Standard

Dana 13.5HR transmission

KESSLER Crane Axles

Ton: 55 metric ton(60 U. S. Ton)capacity

Main Boom: 43m (141.1 ft)main boom

Jib: 10m - 17m (33 ft - 56 ft)jib

Winch: Main and Auxiliary Winches

Engine: Cummins QSB 6.7 Diesel

2. Crane Basic Equipment:

BOOM:Four section, full power, synchronized boom. Boom is constructed of high-yield steel. 5 sheave quick reeve boom tip with removable rope guards. Rope termination lugs on both sides of boom head.  Auxiliary lifting sheave and manual angle indicator are included.

OPERATORS CAB:Full vision operator cab designed for max. comfort. All steel fabrication with acoustical lining and tinted safety glass throughout. Sliding door and sliding window. Swing-up skylight with retractable shade and wiper motor. Fully adjustable deluxe seat with tilt. Foot controls for boom telescope, service brake and engine throttle. Tilt steering. Gear shift controls. Temperature control is provided by a hydraulically driven air conditioning unit. Easy view dashboard with gauges for all engine sensors and rocker switch outrigger controls. Standard amenities also include bubble level, dome light, left side rearview mirror, seat belt, travel swing lock and signal horn.

SWING: Bi-directional hydraulic swing drive with multi-disc wet brake and planetary reduction gearbox. Spring applied, hydraulically released swing brake and 360-degree pneumatic positive swing lock.

LOAD MOMENT INDICATOR (LMI):GREER RCI 777 LMI control system. Microguard graphic display load moment and anti-two block system with audio-visual warning and function limiter.

ENGINE:Cummins QSB 6.7. Inline 6 cylinder intercooled turbo diesel, 218 Hp (160 kW) @ 2200 rpm.  80 gallon fuel tank capacity. USA Federal EPA / California ARB / European EU / Tier 3 emission rating.

CARRIER:TRANSMISSION: Dana power-shift  6 speeds forward and 3 speeds reverse. Front axle disconnect offering both 4x4 and 4x2 operation. Max. speed of 29.9 mph (37Km).

AXLES: Kessler (Germany) front and rear steering axles with planetary reduction. Rigid mount front axle and full floating rear axle. Automatic rear axle oscillating lock.

STEERING: Three independent power steering modes: front-wheel, all-wheel and crab mode. BRAKES: Front and rear split system with air over hydraulic operation. Disc brakes on all wheels. TIRES AND WHEELS: 26.5 x 25 - 32 ply rating, earthmoving style tires. Steel disc wheels. OUTRIGGER SYSTEM: Four independent horizontal beams and vertical jacks with integral holding valves. 100% - Full outrigger extension, 50% - Mid outrigger extension, 0% - Full outrigger retraction. Light weight aluminum, quick release outrigger pontoons.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM:PERMCO hydraulic pumps. 67.88 gal/min (257 L/min) gear pump for main and auxiliary winches, boom hoist and telescope cylinders. 17.7 gal/min (67 L/min) gear pump for steering. 21.66 gal/min (82 L/min) gear pump for outriggers and slewing. 184.88 gallon (700 L) hydraulic reservoir with external sight and temperature gauge. Easily accessible (10 micron) cartridge style full flow filters with bypass protection.

HOIST SYSTEM:Standard two speed main and auxiliary hoists, each with planetary reduction and spring applied multi-disk wet brake.

Each hoist features: Grooved drum lagging. Hoist drum cable followers. Max. permissible line pull of 7000 kg (15,432 lbs) , Winch speed 150 m/s (492 ft/min). Power up / power down. Electronic drum rotation indicators. 35 x 7 rotation resistant compacted strand rope. Rope diameter 19 mm Rope length 185 m (607 ft)

COUNTERWEIGHT:Single 5000 kg (11,000 lbs) counterweight.

MANUALS:1-set of operators and parts manuals will be shipped with the machine.

3. Crane Capacity: